Friday, December 19, 2008

2 Months of Hazel

Mark practicing the "baby-wearing" fad with our bulldog Phyllis.

Mama enjoying Hazel's little noises. Who's profile do you like better?

Quality time with the grandparents.

It's all about the tummy time.

Hazel on a platter... Same exact size as our Thanksgiving turkey! She wasn't too happy about that little photo op.

And bath-time wasn't a favorite at first either... but it's gotten a lot more fun since then... apart from the fact that Haze always pees in the water.

Rockstar status. A high school kid passed these on after unwrapping them at our YoungLife white elephant exchange. Such a glamor girl.

Our lil' Asian baby. We spoke in accents that day just to keep with the theme.

Cutest mini elf you ever did see!

The Thrash Family Christmas photo. It only took about 34 tries. How do you do it with multiple kids?

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