Thursday, January 1, 2009

Alby '08

Our lil' elf did awesome on her first-ever plane flight. She just stretched it out and relaxed.
Nothing like being home in the mountains of Albuquerque for a white Christmas.Hazel was spoiled by Grandma Den and Papa Jim with all kinds of fun stuff. Now she just has to learn how to play!Papa Jim even got her a jump start on her new piggy bank with some rolled coins.Karsyn Grace, Hazel's self-proclaimed "best girl cousin", had a good ol' time taking care of this real life baby doll. She just turned 5 and is more of a mama than me! She was all about holding her, helping to change her diapers, giving her a bottle... talk about a babysitter. My friend Mandy once told me the best kept secret is home-schooled jr. high babysitters cuz they're super mature and super cheap. I bet an even better kept secret is the 5-year-old sitter.

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  1. Hey Welcome to Blogger! Its so cool to be able to see pix of Hazel.
    I have a homeschooled 14 year old babysitter w/3 younger siblings and your friend is right--she's great!