Friday, January 2, 2009

Oh the College Days

So Mark and I just hosted our first major rager at the Thrash house: 16 college students spent two nights over New Year's for our Summer Staff Reunion. They were the kids we worked with at Woodleaf this summer... such a fun and creative group of individuals that love each other and love Jesus. It was a rough turn around coming off of a week in Albuquerque and trying to get a two-and-a-half month old to stay quiet till 10am, but totally fun.

We spent a freezing afternoon on the beach at SanO for the outta-staters.

Then New Year's Eve we had an "M" party in honor of Mark turning 29 finally. Here's the Mexican Mujer and Marlboro Man.

Here's the whole crowd... Mickey Mouse, Mother Theresa, MILF, Monster, musician, Mad Cow Disease.......pretty nutty bunch.

Oh, and Hazel got her first piercing.............. just kidding Grandma!

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