Saturday, February 21, 2009

4 Months and Getting Chubbier by the Minute

Ya know, what kind of life would it be if our 4 month old didn't have her own robe? I mean really, is a kid expected to go straight from towel to PJ's? That would just be a tragedy. This lil ducky robe has been hanging in our bathroom for months in anticipation of Hazel's arrival... a total infant staple.

This DVD is insane... it sucks her in every time. PraiseBaby. Note the other 10 activities that we have already tried in the background.

Miss Attitude. Girl's got a personality already.

I have bruises on my thighs because Hazel just can't get enough of standing up on my lap. She refuses to sit these days. Her little legs are so strong (not yet as strong as her will, but close). I couldn't wait to get her one of those massive jungle gym toys that they stand in and you clip toys all around it. So when she hit the 4 month mark this week, guess what showed up... woohoo! This is our new Thrash family favorite. The idea was that it would buy us a lot more free time because she could entertain herself, but instead we find ourselves just hanging out watching her play in it because it's so darn cute. Oh that frog.

Wednesday mornings we take off from YoungLife work and YoungLife discussion (nearly impossible, but it's a healthy aim) and just hang out as a family. Last Wednesday was family work day and there was no way we were gonna let the kid off the hook... girl has got to learn some responsibility! So here she is, harnessed on her daddy and getting after that carwash.

Haze and me enjoying some backyard time. Yes, it's true, my nose is crooked.


  1. LOVE it. She is too much! Such a doll.

  2. She's so chubba bubba! So cute!! I love her especially in the bumbo watching the praise of course!! :) What a lovely little lady.

  3. I miss you guys. 4 months means you're past the 4th trimester (happiest baby on the block doctor theory). Haze is so sweet. We need to schedule a 10 minute photo shoot with this rockstar. I can't wait for Hazel and Shilow to start playing together.

  4. What the heck, Ethan and I are getting robes tomorrow