Wednesday, April 1, 2009

5 Months is Pretty Darn Fun

Apple Bottom Jeans... Boots with the Furs. Girl's got the whole outfit and the cute little booty to go with it. And yes, she's still working on the rest of her hair. But the back-bottom is definitely winning.

Curtis the Caterpillar has become quite the challenger at Hazel's wrestling extravangzas. He's also trying to compete with her for the chubby cheek title.

This fur coat is too much! I felt like I was snuggling up to a little brown bear. She was like a breathing, grunting, squirming stuffed teddy bear.

We went on a YoungLife leader retreat to Oakbridge in early March down in San Diego. Jr. Leaders Tayren and Krosby got the babe all decked out for the 'Outta this World' space dance party. She rocked the night away- what a sport!

Nate, LeeAnne and Azania (like lasagna without the 'L') Allman made a trip from AZ earlier in the month for some Thrash-Allman time. They're our good friends that we met working at Woodleaf a couple summers ago. Little Mousey was born 12 days after Hazel so it is so much fun to swap stories and now to see the girls meet each other. Hazel went straight for the face.Priceless smiles.
After a strict rotation through Uncle Nate's Morning Gymboree, the ladies landed together under the Einstein star. Luckily this was before Hazel knew how to roll or sweet Aza woulda been hurtin'.

Oh spring brings out so many awesome opportunities to show off the rolls.

First rose from a boy... Dad. Let's keep it that way.
"Hmmmm.... I wonder what this tastes like...."
You know that old movie, "Look Who's Talking?" where the guy does the voice for the baby the whole time? That's one of my favorite things to do- try to do voiceover for whatever's going on in Hazel's little brain. I probably say, "Hmmm... I wonder what this tastes like" like 50 times a day because the kid puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. I need a new line.

Hangin' with the Goodfellar girls... two of her favs. Riley is 7 and she draws out Hazel's hyper-hypo side, while Tyler (4 months) and Haze just like to chill.

Poor fair-skinned young Thrash doesn't stand chance against the sun.

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