Sunday, May 10, 2009

April showers bring.... more wrinkles

April was a killer month- I hit the big 3-0, we spent a week in Mammoth, & finally made it out to Stagecoach with our good buds Brian & Lyndsey. We've been talking about it for two years so it felt good to make it happen.

What a Husby! For my big bday we went out to breakfast at the creperie by the pier... Grandma picked up the little one and kept her for the night, while Mark spoiled me at the mall, took me out to lunch, then to Blue Lantern Inn for massages & jacuzzi tub in our oceanview room... next to Bungalow for probably the best fish I've ever had... then a great night's SLEEP- a total Thrash fave.
Hazy got dropped off at our hotel in the morning and there were only more surprises around the bend. That night I thought we were going to dinner at my friend Jess' house in Newport. Mark had set up about ten of my girlfriends with appetizers, drinks and dinner to cruise Newport Harbor in a duffy boat the the evening. SOOOOOOOO unbelievable.

La Leche League just posted a statement that toes are supposed to be the most nutritious thing next to breastmilk. Ya, my kid is super-organic.

If you know Mark well, you know that he has three kryptonites: sun, overhead lighting at night, and ankle injuries. Oooh, he's had it bad with number 3. This was a few days in- he's currently still battling it and it has been 10 weeks now. Not too fun.

Buddy Hergesell came over for a visit right before we left for Mammoth. Hazel could take him.

There's nothing quite like a bath in the kitchen sink... in sepia.

So we decided to break out the ol' solids while we were in Mammoth just to spice things up. Hazel was almost six months and definitely had an opinion on the deal.

Country music for two straight days in the desert- does it get any better than that? 2nd best part of the whole deal- Mark finally got rid of that nasty mustache when it was over. Get yo praise hand up for that.

Sweet Haze was a total champ- slept right through Martina & Brad but at least she got to hear Hootie try to make his comeback.

Easter with her Pop. The only hats that stand a chance these days are the ones with a chin-strap.

Balla Status. Papa Jim must be so proud.

And Uncle Corey has been working with the little lady on her posture. No hunchbacks in this house.

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