Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sit-up and Roll

So we have been working on a few new skills for this little chunky monkey... she has not quite mastered the whole sitting up thing, but the girl has got the roll down... to the left. Right is next week. (Click on pics to play videos)


  1. This is the best! I love the grunt to psych herself up before the big roll over :0)

  2. just read through your blog as a whole. I'm addicted. Hazel is beautiful. you guys are hilarious. mark, thanks for recommending it as a top-notch read a couple weeks ago at Lost Canyon! blessings on you two. -cara macdonald

  3. Love that you have a blog too! It's now on my must read list...haha. I added you to my blog list too, hope that's okay.